Pixels Media Foundation

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At Pixel Foundation, we believe that poverty is conceived when economic and social challenges arise. When a community does not have the resources needed to cultivate skills and develop knowledge to endure the challenges of society. Within every community there are promising athletes, singers, and potential doctors, however, there is still an underlying thread of youth that goes unnoticed. These youth are concentrated in imagination and creative ideas. We at Pixel Foundation want to acknowledge those individuals and cultivate their “Creative Thought”!

Our Goals

1) The initiative of Pixel Foundation is to create self-sufficient youth entrenched in principles and values that aid in cultivating creative minds. The objective of Pixel Foundation is to be a resource to encourage the youth to develop knowledge and skills that motive teens to identify his/her self-worth.

2) The goal of the program will be to serve low to moderate income kids from ages 10-16 years old.

3) Poverty is a social and economic issue that plague our society and we want to encourage the youth to look within and tap into their inner creative minds and use their abilities to change their reality. We believe with the proper tutelage everyone involved can become a success story if their talents are harnessed properly.

We believe that everyone is important within our organization not just the creative presence (participants) but their families as well. We strongly believe that it takes a village to raise a child!

4) We will aid each participant to be resilient, confident, and self-sufficient individuals to use their talents to change the world. We will encourage independence and group activities to accomplish goals. We will identify and build the skill set needed to be fluent in each industry he/she decides to impact.

5) Through the implementation of Pixel Foundation desire is cultivation responsible youth thriving their communities