We had an amazing session today!  We were honored to hear from Terran and Quinton Lewis of Herbn’eden.  The wisdom they shared will be remembered by all who attended.  

I really enjoyed it!!! I feel like they dropped some good gems on how to successfully run a business. I liked the part when they were talking about trusting the process because it’s true that most of us want it now and when it doesn’t happen right away we get discouraged…I like how they put emphasis on the fact that they did not build their business overnight but their consistency is what contributed to their success. I feel inspired. I’m actually getting ready to start a podcast soon so I appreciated being able to listen to their advice. ~Summer Watson 

If you missed any of today’s discussion, we have attached the link below for you to go back and watch:

Don’t forget to register for our next session on Workforce Readiness to be held on July 8th!

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